Work From Home Hacks to Stay Productive and Organized

Dress for The Job

Go through morning rituals as if you were going to the office. Dress in business attire even if it’s casual and keep a pair of work shoes just for the house. You’ll feel like you’re and work and act accordingly.

Stick to A Schedule

Maintain Strict Working Hours. and Let Everyone Know that When You’re Working, You’re Not Free for Anything Else Even if You’re at Home. if You Respect Your Time, Others Will Too.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks ensures that your day remains manageable. When you go get a coffee, flip through a magazine, or speak to a family member for a few minutes.

Maintain a Workspace

Even if it’s a tiny corner with a foldout table and a chair, maintain a dedicated workspace. Organize it accordingly with the things you need for work. Maintain consistency, and it will be easier for you to slip in and out of work mode.

Use Lists and Workflow Management Software

Working from home means you’re responsible for managing your projects and deadlines. So use programs like Slack or Trello to organize your workload and coordinate with colleagues. Check out all the free services Google offers because if you work alone, you need all the virtual help you can get.

Don’t Feel at Home

There’s always something that needs to be done at home. Stay away from it all during work hours. Don’t even change a light bulb until your workday is done unless you can time it within your scheduled break.

Get Fresh Air and Exercise

Use the time you save not commuting to ensure that you get out of the house for some sunlight, fresh air, and exercise. You’ll feel better, sharper, and charged up for work as well.

Let There Be Light

Studies have shown that properly lit workplaces boost productivity. Understand how bright you need your workspace to be and set it up accordingly. Maybe choose a bright desk lamp that simulates natural sunshine.

Don’t Work Nonstop

Remember, you work from home and don’t live at work. So keep strict hours, step outside for meetings and unless there’s a pandemic, try and work from a coffee shop sometimes.