Top Tips To Build Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a three-digit number that can tell a lot about your financial standing. Lenders and creditors, in particular, pay special attention to your credit score since it indicates your creditworthiness. An individual with a high credit score is considered more likely to repay their debts on time, and, thus, will be offered a lower rate of interest. The converse is also true; if you have a poor credit score, you may have to pay a much higher rate of interest on your loan or credit card balance, making borrowing a whole lot more expensive. Having said that, you can always work towards improving your credit score. Here are some tips that will help you build your credit score:

Keep A Track Of Your Bills

If you tend to lose track of your upcoming bill payments, you may want to consider automating these payments. While you may not be skipping bill payments intentionally, your creditor will still likely report the payment default to credit scoring agencies, causing your credit score to dip.

Keep Your Balances Low

If you use your credit card often, ensure that you keep your balance low since using up more of your credit limit will cause your credit utilization to go up, which will, in turn, lead to a drop in your credit score.

Repay Debts

If you have any outstanding debts, it’s likely that you are paying interest on the amount. But, did you know that your debts could also be keeping your credit score low? If you have some money saved up, consider using it to repay any high-interest debts that you may have. This will reduce your credit utilization and improve your credit score.

Avoid Opening New Credit Accounts

Opening new credit accounts will cause your credit score to dip since the credit provider will conduct a hard inquiry into your credit history.

Check Your Credit Reports For Inaccuracies

Don’t assume all the data in your credit reports are accurate. It’s important to check your credit reports from time to time to look out for inaccuracies.

Keep in mind that once your credit score improves, you need to continue doing what you did to maintain it!