Top 5 National Banks in the Country

With the number of banks out there, it can become difficult to decide where you should deposit your hard-earned money. Despite all the options, finding the right bank is simply a matter of determining which lender best suits your financial situation. We’ve evaluated different options and have listed out the top 5 national banks in the country right now.


Chase, the largest bank in the country, offers sign-up bonuses to the tune of $200 when customers open new checking accounts with them. That said, the bank offers low APYs on savings and checking accounts. Chase has a presence in around 30 states, with 4,900 branches and 16,000 ATMs.

Discover Bank

Discover offers high-interest rates of savings accounts and CDs, making it an interesting choice for new customers. The bank also offers a 1% cashback up to $3,000 every month on debit card purchases. Further, you, as a customer, are not charged any monthly fees. Discover also has a strong network of ATMs across the country.

Bank of America

What sets Bank of America apart is that they have the largest networks of bank branches and ATMs across the country. That said, being a conventional brick-and-mortar bank, the interest rates offered on checking and savings accounts and CDs are comparatively low. They do, however, have a stellar call center, with representatives available throughout the week.

Alliant Credit Union

If you would rather open an account with a credit union, you may want to consider Alliant. It offers competitive interest rates on deposits and has one of the largest ATM networks in the country. Customers are also not required to maintain a minimum balance and the fees charged can be easily avoided.

Ally Bank

Ally is an online-only bank that offers customers high APYs for deposits made in savings accounts and CDs. Although the bank doesn’t have any physical branches, it has a network of ATMs located nationwide. Customers are also not charged any monthly fees.

Keep in mind that before you open an account with the bank, it’s a good idea to check the number of branches in your area (unless it’s an online-only bank), ATM network, and customer service channels that the bank offers.