Things to Know Before Subscribing to an Internet Service

Depending on where you live, internet access is available through a range of services that includes digital subscriber lines (DSL), cable, fiber optic, satellite, and wireless. DSL works through your phone lines without troubling your regular phone service. Cable modems provide internet through cable lines and are serviced by the same company that provides your TV service. Fiber optic internet services can provide internet, phone, and TV services through one fiber optic line. Satellite services are offered in areas that are far off by satellite television providers. But extreme weather conditions can affect service.


This depends on a number of things like the type of service, package purchased, and network congestion. Fiber is usually faster than cable, which is faster than DSL. The speed of the connection is generally expressed in kbps (old and slow) or Mbps (better). If you plan on using your internet connection to play HD movies, video calls, online gaming, and the like, you need a high-speed connection. Faster is always better. But ensure that you also get enough data. For e.g., for all the activities mentioned above, you’ll need at least a 50 Mbps connection. Also, ensure that your upload speeds are at least 5MBps. The capital ‘B’ means ‘bytes’ which is an important distinction.

Questions You Should Ask

Check if you could get a discount if you buy more than one service from the company. If yes, ask how long the promotion is for and what the prices will be after the promotion. Check if they’re offering any specials, but ensure you get the price, including all required extra equipment, additional fees like activation or termination feed, any one-time or recurring charges like taxes and other fees. Get all these details in writing. Speak to them on the phone and understand all details. Understand what installations will be required in order to set up your connection.Understand the speeds you will be getting with your connection and whether it’s affected by congestion. Check for options and costs for changing plans before contract expiry. Check if there are any early termination fees, or if you can switch the type of service too.