Leading Sales Management Software


This software offers sales management software as well as Sales CRM software, that help teams close deals faster, providing functionalities for customer relationships, managing leads, sales pipelines and more.

Features include:

– security features such as two-factor authentication, Google authentication, session management and advanced account permissions.

– easier to create comprehensive onboarding plans for new employees.


HubSpot is an all-inclusive solution for marketing, sales, and service, providing full visibility of the sales pipeline in real-time with detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performances.

Features include:

– pipeline management, deal tracking, meeting scheduling, live chat, contact management and more

– forms, ad management, live chat, and chatbot builder.

– ticketing, tickets closed reports, time-to-close reports, and more.


This is an all-in-one platform ideal for marketing, sales, support, and CRM, providing features like contact management, appointment scheduling, and more to track multiple deals.

Features include:

– Deal management with a visual deal pipeline and drag and drop functionality.

– Live chat, ticket management, service automation, and more.

– Project management, gamification, contact management, and more.


This platform lets you connect your cloud applications easily. You can also automate marketing sales, payments, or other business processes quickly and can be used for creating simple as well as complex workflows.

Features include:

– 100+ connectors for all leading cloud or SaaS applications.

– format data, add conditional logic, or time delay in workflows.

– data encryption, data retention controls, audit logs and more.


This is an AI-powered sales mentor that helps you boost performance through personalized tips and more. It allows you to import data from spreadsheets and other CRM tools.

Features include:

– tracking communication like calls, emails, file attachments, contacts map, and more.

– scheduler to help set up meetings through share availability and proposed meeting times.

– prioritized activity reminders, open API, and webhooks.


An open-source and cloud-based sales management software, this software provides tools for free sales, marketing, and client management, and can be used for the complete sales cycle from lead to deal.

Features include:

– quotes, invoices, email marketing, telemarketing, sales automation, tasks, and more.

– automated email marketing communication history in one place.

– call center features like inbound calls, outbounds calls and more.